IntelliHeli World's Smallest Helicopter

This is smallest rc helicopter. The IntelliHeli is 3 ch rc helicopter. One of great miniature remote control helicopter. People often said that this is hot smallest rc helicopter. In this article we will give some great info about the IntelliHeli 3ch rc helicopter.

You can forward this rc helicopter because this rc helicopter has dual fan blades, this even can make you more easy to turns. This is one option for you if you looking for small rc heli with easy to control, you can consier IntelliHeli as your choise. This rc helicopter equipped with Lipo battery for about 10 minutes flight and you can charge it for only 20 minutes.

This IntelliHeli will give you a unique flying experience. If you are ages 5 and up, so this is great rc heli for you. Happy flying IntelliHeli World's Smallest Helicopter!

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