How To Build Scale Model RC helicopters

Scale model rc helicopter is a great helicopter model. We can find many rc helicopter pilot build their scale rc helicopter. Scale rc helicopter mean you build rc helicopter based the real helicopter in scale dimension. This is why scale rc helicopter is resemble with the real helicopter. There are some favorite helicopter to be scale, such as Airwolf helicopter, Huges 500 and Chinook. How To Build Scale Model RC helicopters?

Because we talk about the scale, you need to consider and more pay attention carefully with the detaild of the scale. This is the interesting thing of scale rc helicopter. What do you think, if you build the scale rc helicopter as you want and not pay attention to the details of the scale?

You should follow your scale, this mean that if you plan to build 1/4 scale, so you need to match all the helicopter dimension. There are some prefered scaling such as 1/4 scale to 1/30th scale, its all depend on you, which do you want to build?

One you plan the scale, you need to determine the radio channels. The scale rc helicopter model use more radio channels tha the ordinary rc helicopter.

Determine the material use and finishing. Back again that we talk about the details and scale here, so the material and finishing is important. The common material use is fiberglass ( mold ).

The components setting, such as about the gyro. May scale rc helciopter pilot like to set at rate mode.

Another thing such as engine, blades, servos, receiver and some adds-on should you consider too. You just know what actually your scale rc helicopter want look like to.

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