4F200 3 blade rc helicopter

This is 3 blade rc helicopter - The Wakera 4F200 helicopter. This is collective pitch rc helicopter with unique 3 blades main rotor and the tail rotor too. The benefits of 3 blades rotor is it will have more great torque(can produce larger lift, so it will more response to control to your thumb) and of course to change in direction is very resistant. The 4f200 is known as Hm 4F200 too.

3 blades rotor imagesWalkera 4F200 3 blade rc helicopter Feature
  1. Simulated three-blade structure takes advantage of high efficiency and steady flight.
  2. 3-axis controlled balance system provides accurate flight location.
  3. Brushless motor absolutely features both longevity and power.
  4. 2.4G Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum technology automatically assigns ID code with strong anti-jamming and high accuracy.
New Walkera 4F 200 Tri Bladed 3D Helicopter

Walkera 4F200 3 blade rc helicopter Specs
  1. Main Rotor Dia. : 420mm
  2. Tail Rotor Dia. : 110mm
  3. Overall Length: 420mm
  4. Drive Motor: WK-WS-21-002
  5. ESC: WK-WST-20A
  6. Transmitter: WK-2603
  7. Battery: 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po
  8. Weight: 320g (Battery included)

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