Replacement Rotor Blade Sets For R/C Apache Helicopter

apache rotor replacement setNeed Replacement Rotor Blade Sets for R/C Apache Helicopter? You can use the replacement rotor blade for apache rc helicopter. Maybe you get some scratch on the rc heli blade and can't work properly, you need the replacement.

This is both Top and Bottom Sets of your Main Rotor Blades for the 4 Channel AH-64 Apache Helicopter. They will also fit the LAMA 4 by Colco. We have plenty in stock and if you need batteries we have those as well. Enjoy! Set Includes: TWO-2 A-blades #S-LM-11 TWO-2 B-blades #S-LM-12

* Easy to Replace!
* Install in minutes.
* Affordable way to get you back in the air flying!
* Made of ultra strong Plastic materials for longer life span
* 4 Blades in the set!

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