150mAh 1-Cell 3.7V 12C Li-Po

150mAh 1-Cell 3.7V 12C LiPoThis is 150mAh 1 Cell 3.7V 12C LiPo. If you want to try 1 cell battery, this is a good thing to consider. This battery is suitable for your Blade MCX and mSR Micro Helicopters. This is 12c lipo battery, maybe you want to try this high c rating battery for your rc model.

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Here are some of the review of the battery:Just got my first of the new 150mAh Eflite batteries. Initial impression is great! Seem to be getting at least 3-4 times the flight times of the old standard batteries (altho some of them may not be at their full capacity anymore)running in the MCX Blade/S300. Will also be using in the Vapor and Micro P51 Mustang planes. Connector is solid, and altho the battery is longer, it still fits great in the helis and planes and the slightly added weight does not seem to bother the COG, may be even better for my flight feel. Fits great in the standard AA chargers as well (might take a bit longer to charge, but worth it). Love it so far! Will have to order more...

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