New G4.5 Flight Simulator

NEW RealFlight G4.5 RC Simulator VERSION NOW IN STOCK! FREE Add-Ons Disks Downloads (a $119.96 Value) with Great Planes RealFlight G4.5 R/C Flight Simulator
RealFlight has again sharpened its already near-perfect reproduction of R/C flight. With improved sights, sounds and physics, the new RealFlight G4.5 rc simulator carves away like never before at the very thin line between "real"...and RealFlight. Features include an enhanced InterLink Elite controller, over 70 aircraft choices, just doing some advanced manuver such as 3D RC Helicopter flying with rc simulator without worry to crash.

(many with floats!), seaplane flying off the water, over 25 flying sites (including a 3D shipwreck site!) AND virtual flight instructors. Works with XP and Vista! Download the realflight simulator Add-Ons Disks 1, 2, 3 & 4 (a $119.96 value) including 53 additional airplanes, 5 new helicopters and 21 fresh flying fields FREE! Read the G4 RealFlight Simulator Review on RC Universe and RealFlight Simulator Review on RC Groups reviews. See the Great Planes G4.5 rc simulator Web Page for even more pics and info! Download the G4 realflight simulator download (214 megabytes). Fly with RC flight Simulators now!

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