Align Trex 500 Rc Helicopter Video

This is Align Trex 500 Rc Helicopter Video part III. This is test flying of Trex 500 rc helicopter by Alan Zsabo Jr. He is flying electric trex 500 helicopter.

I have heard that The Rex 50 is very stable in the wind and has plenty of power to spare, heck even better power to weight ratio than 50 size nitros even, what do you think?

with the stock500L brushless motor and different gear ratio. Below are the result provided by Align

4S3200mAh battery Hardcore 3D ~5.5min
Normal 3D and 3C ~ 8mins

5S3200mAhbattery hardcore 3D 5-6mins
normal 3D /F3C ~ 9mins

6S2100-2200mAh hardcore 3D 4.5mins
normal 3D/F3C ~ 8mins

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