Dark Blade RC Helicopter

Dark Blade RC Helicopter imageThis is dark blade helicopter review - a very small rc helicopter from ThinkGeek (dark blade helicopter). Have you try so little mini rc helicopter? The dark blade rc helicopter is the answer, this is very small rc helicopter. The dark blade is 3CH rc helicopter, with the original creation by ThinkGeek and combining great style design from drop-ship.

More about Dark Blade Helicopter
The dark blade 3ch rc helicopter are stable in fly too because this rc heli comes down to the torque control afforded by the dual rotor blade design. A traditional helicopter with only one rotor generates massive torque when the top blade spins. Normally this would cause the copter to spin out of control, but the rotor on the tail is designed to offset this torque. Therefore piloting a traditional rc helicopter involves constantly adjusting the tail speed whenever you increase the speed of the top rotor... difficult and time consuming to learn.

The Dark Blade 3-CH RC Helicopter has dual rotors on the top which spin in opposite directions. These opposite spinning blades cancel out uncontrolled torque making for incredibly stable flight. For forward and reverse motion the tail rotor then blows up or down, pitching the rc helicopter forward or backward and causing it to move in that direction. It's a great control system and a pleasure to fly.

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