Walkera 4G3 Upgrades

Let's take a look for Walkera 4G3 Upgrades-new walkera 4G3 metal upgrade review. How actually to upgrade your Walkera 4G3 rc helicopter, especially for New Walkera 4G3 Metal upgrade. Here are a simple tips about how to setup the wakera upgrades with videos.

New new walkera 4g3 metal upgrade release the aluminum alloy rotor head for the new 3D 4G3 includes blade grips, mixing arm, rotor housing, linkages and swashplate. Complete rotor head was metalized including the blade holders, mixing arm, rotor housing, linkage and swashplate. This design takes away a lot of the slop and flex compare to the stock plastic rotor. And the complete helicopter is only 1 gram heavier that the normal 4G3 rc heli which should have minimum effect on flight time and performance. (59.2 gram for 4G3 with metal rotor vs. 58.1 gram for original 4G3, both with canopy but without battery)

Here how to install it(simple setup) : The installation is really straight forward. Simply remove the 1mm pin which hold the rotor in place. Remove the ball links from the swashplate to the servos and the pull the complete rotor assembly off the helicopter. And install the aluminum rotor head in reverse order. All parts fit nicely as it is a direct replacement. Just be careful with the tiny pins and screws as it is very hard to find them if you accidentally drop them on the floor. Another nice feature for the new head is the main blade was held in place by 2mm screws with lock nuts. Which eliminate the chance of the main blade coming lost during flight.

Walkera 4G3 Metal Upgrade Video

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