Trex 500 Rc helicopter Swashplate

In this article we will talk about trex 500 rc helicopter swashplate. The previous trex 500 rc helicopter article we talk about many thing such: trex 500 washout assembly,trex 500 upper mixer arm,rotor head, and flybar seesaw assembly.You can see the trex 500 rc helicopter swashplate from the trex 500 manual. You will see many things about the trex rc helicopter there. Now our consideration focus on trex 500 rc helicopter swashplate.

Building Trex 500 Rc helicopter Swashplate

trex 500 swashplate image
Building the swashplate is another very straightforward part of the build. All that is required is to apply Loctite to all the balls on the swashplate. Once this is done all of the previously built head components can be installed onto the main shaft.
trex 500 rc helicopter flybar paddle image
This next step is just assembling all over the previously built components onto the main shaft and then connecting all of the various push rods onto those components. The push rods should be built exactly to the specifications in the manual and a vernia scale should ideally be used to make sure that the push rods are exactly the right length. First install the main shaft into the head block and security using the Jesus bought and it's nyloc nut. Next put the washout arms onto the main shaft followed by the swashplate. Lastly put the mast locking collar onto the main shaft and very likely tighten the set screws to make sure that all of your components don't fall straight back off the shaft. With all the components on the main shaft you can now go about installing all of the push rods. The manual shows the installation of the flybar at this point. I would advise leaving the flybar until the very last thing in the build. The reason for this is that you have a lot more building to do and the flybar typically gets in the way, pokes you in the eye and is generally a nuisance as it sticks out so much. It does not need to be assembled at this point and therefore can be left until the end of the build. Make sure you put the two grub screws that up are part of the build step to one side for safekeeping as they will be needed when you come to install the flybar paddles right at the end.

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