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trex 500 rc helicopter imageAre you like flying trex 500 rc helicopter? , this is great chance to know more about trex 500 rc helicopter. This rc is one of great rc helicopter. If you have been purchase trex 500 rc helicopter, it's time to watch more about trex 500 rc helicopter. Simple first thing is Trex 500 manual. Take the trex 500 rc helicopter manual, read and understand it as well.

Well once again I find myself on the receiving end of the eagerly awaited T-Rex 500. The kit I'm building in this review is the 500 CF. This is the carbon fibre framed version of the kit.

The kit used for this review is the 500CF version of the kit. This is the carbon fibre version with the carbon fibre 425 mm blades. Align also do a G10 version of the kit which comes with fibre reinforced plastic blades. Included in the kit is the new 500 class motor and this comes with the new Align 60 amp ESC. This new speed controller has governor mode and also has a switchable BEC which can provide 5.5 V or 6 V to the receiver.

This model will be kitted out with Futaba 9650 digital servos supplied courtesy of

The manual provided in the kit is some 42 pages in length and is extremely comprehensive in describing both how to build the kit and also how to set it up. There are numerous exploded diagrams and parts diagrams with part numbers to aid with ordering spares.

Much like the T-Rex SE V2 the kit comes with a pre-painted fiberglass canopy. This is very nicely finished and gives the helicopter a very professional look once completed.

Each part of the build uses parts that are conveniently gathered together into numbered bags. For the most part you only need to open one bag at a time and it contains all of the required components to complete that particular build step. The exception to this is when you need something like ball links which are all together in one bag.

>> Following Trex 500 RC Helicopter Steps 2

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