Honey Bee CP3 Review

honey bee cp3 rc helicopter imagesNew version of honey bee rc helicopter - The honey bee cp3 rc helicopter. This is a honey bee cp3 review. The Honey bee cp3 rc helicopter come in Ready To Fly (RTF). We will talk about some great thing of this Honey Bee CP3 rc helicopter in this article.

  • Length: 525mm
  • Height: 185mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 540mm
  • Tail rotor diameter : 800mm
  • Motor gear: 8T
  • Weight: About 410g
  • Fully assembled and tested in the factory, ready to fly out of box
  • Helpful in practicing professional 3D aerobatic flight
  • High performance main rotor blade significantly increase their strength for performing advanced 3D maneuvers.
  • Durable Material, capable of bearing most crashes without any damage.
  • 370 super motor provides super power for high performance flight. Simple mechanical structure design, easy maintenance.
  • A direct drive tail system provides incredible power and response for tail commands, all while eliminating tail rotor gears for greater efficiency and less maintenance.
Honey Bee CP3 Video from youtube

For beginner rc heli flyer, i think this rc helicopter is not recommended for you, one of this is becaue its hard to keep it in a steady hover.

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