How To Setup Honey Bee King V2

Do you one of the honey bee king v2 rc helicopter owner? I think its a great time to talk about how to setup the honey bee king v2 rc helicopter. Maybe you can find the instruction in the manual, but let me list some of the tips might you don't find before.

As i told you before that the manual only will show you the basic assembly of the honey bee king v2. How about the manual does not tell you is how to adjust the rotor assembly, set up the tail, and many other useful items. So here are some of the list in How To Setup Honey Bee King V2 might you find before yet:
  • Basic setup of the radio : You shoud know about Initial model setup, Set TH.HOLD and SWSH, Setting servo directions, and Setting swash directions.
  • Leveling the servo arms
  • Leveling the swash and washout arms
  • Set the pitch on the main blades : Include Set 0 degrees pitch at mid-stick, Set base pitch to 0 degrees, Set the max pitch range, and Set up a proper pitch range for normal flying.
  • Tail and gyro setup
  • Finish radio setup and test spin-up: Such as setting up exponential and Final check before spin-up.
More detailed of the list, you can visite Hope you have more informations of your honey bee king v2, especially about how to setup the rc helicopter.

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