Nitro Planes Mini Camera

Watch this Nitro Planes Mini Camera. This is great camera for your rc planes. What do you think to compare this camera to other camera? You should watch this article, because there is a great video about nitroplanes mini camera.

Nitro Planes mini camera in the box review

this is the Nitro planes mini camera.
it is extremely small you can see it compared to my Nikon Coolpix L3.
but in my opinion I think the Nitro planes mini camera and the Grayson hobby Aerial Cam
are the same camera.

** the longest I've recorded for is about 50 minutes. I've heard it can record for 80 minutes with 80 minutes of battery life I've never run out of battery using it. you can increase the memory with a 4 GB micro SD card I'm not sure if you can increase the battery life but in RadioShack I found this battery that was made for when your phone ran out of battery you plug the battery into your phone and it had the same micro USB plug that the camera has

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