Trex 600 RC Helicopter Flying

This is great rc helicopter - The Trex 600 RC Helicopter Flying. For Trex 600 rc helicopter owner, please watch this video about flying trex 600 rc helicopter from beginner flying to 3d trex 600 rc helicopter flying and even till trex 600 crash.

First flight with my Trex 600 ESP

There is always that first flight...
This Trex 600 ESP is equipped with stock engine and esc, JR8717 on cyclic, JR8900 on the tail, a spartan 760 gyro and a Reactor X regulator.

Trex 600 test flight with basic 3D

Align Trex 600 Nitro Pro
JR DS 8717 for Cyclic
OS 50 Hyper Engine
ATG Governor
Solid G Gyro
Futaba 9256 for the tail
Rotortech 600m Main Blades

RC Helicopter Align Trex600 600 600n fast crash. (Delyn Model Flying Club) Trex

My pride and joy.... its first ever crash after 12 months of flying and for once the crash was caught on camera.

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