Lipo Charging Tips

This is simple tips how to charging your lithium polymer battery (Lipo battery). As we know that lipo battery is widely used and powerful one for our rc models. Lipo is one of great battery we can get now. We often use it without know how actually to use it properly so that can prolong the battery life.

Example you have Hyperion 6S/22.2V 35C 4200mAh battery. how actually save charging for this battery type? I think one of the best way to charge with using about max at 4,2amp rate. Anothe way is to charge at about 0,5C. Or you can still recommend a 1C charge rate so in your case 4200 mAH is the same as 4.2 AH so you'd charge at 4.2 AMP 3200 mAH = 3.2 Amp etc. a 2c rating would be 8.4A on your pack etc. 1C is "one Capacity" in one hour. This mean that you should charge below 4200mAh/1h = 4200mAh. So be careful about your battery charging.

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