Lithium Polymer Battery Charging – LiPo Charging Tips

Why we must pay attention in charging our LiPo battery? The answer is simple, by pay attention in Lithium Polymer battery charging, this mean that you will do safety charging so it’s will make more longer your battery life, so i’ts important to charge the rechargaeable battery for safety use. There are alot of tips out there about LiPo charging tips, but keep in minds to read the manual first.

Here are just some simple tips in how to charge your LiPo rc battery, maybe you’ve been know that.
The most important thing in charging your LiPo rc battery is never use a NiMH or NiCd charger, so use specific LiPo charger only. This is because some charger have technical deficiencies, the worst thing is it can make incorrect for your LiPo charging or at in improper rate. Next is don’t charge your LiPo battery in extreme temperatures, it can impact increasing your LiPo battery temperature more fast than usual, then it can be overheat, the worst thing could ignite fire ( my advice is please cool down your LiPo before charge and avoid in extreme temperature charging). Here the next:

1. Charge each battery pack individually.
2. Always check the voltage charge as appear in the battery label. Example: The label on a 2-Cell battery pack in series will read – “Charge as 2-Cell (7.4V), or may cause fire” – You must select 2-Cell for charging.
3. Don’t exceed 1 C ( C is defined as 1 / 1h )charge rate current. This mean one times the capacity of the battery. Example: for 730 mAh: Charge below 730 mA(730mAh / 1h = 730mA =730mA)

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