RC Helicopter - Remote Control Helicopter Types

Many kind of remote control helicopter type to fly. They all are remote control controller. This mean that you can control your rc helicopter model using a thing called remote control controller or the world of rc are called rc transmitter. This rc transmitter work just like a radio transmitter station that transmit the signal to the air ,so you can hear a voice through radio receiver. This method are used at the same way in controlling your rc helicopter, but i don’t discuss it here because now i will discuss about how many types of radio control helicopter.

Maybe this case is related with how to buy rc helicopter, just like some thing to consider about buying a particular rc helicopter. How you make an important decision is needed to make a good deal. So why you need to know about some rc helicopter types and what correlate with buy a rc helicopter?

Let say that you are beginner in rc helicopter and you will buy a rc helicopter. I will say that their first rc helicopter can make something like a deep impression and as their first experience in rc helicopter flying that will they bring to fly rc helicopter in the next level.

It’s very interesting to talk about remote control helicopter. At general, there are some different types of rc helicopter out there, there are nitro rc helicopter, gas rc helicopter, and electric rc helicopter . There some next rc helicopter type such mini rc helicopter and micro rc helicopter but both are powered by electric motors too. Here are some of the descriptions:

nitro rc helicopterNitro rc Helicopter - I think this is the real rc helicopter can you fly, powered by nitro engine, commonly 0.91 size that used as competition for rc helicopter world cup champs. I think the beginners can fly this rc helicopter type too because the nitro engine can be used for trainer rc helicopter too.

gas rc helicopterGas rc helicopter – Many people say that flying gas rc helicopter is somehow close to flying a real helicopter. This rc helicopter type is just like another rc helicopter but used engine that powered by gas. Some rc helicopter expert advice that this rc helicopter type is not for the beginner, because it’s more expensive in price and need more flying skills besides there are more complicated moving parts, so the gas rc helicopter is for advanced rc helicopter flyer.

electric rc helicopter Electric rc helicopter – This rc helicopter type is powered by electric motors. I thinkmini rc helicoptermicro rc helicopter electric rc helicopter is more popular than other rc helicopter type, because it’s more cheap, easy to fly and easy to maintenance. Many people like to fly electric rc helicopter, one of this is because it creates no noise (know more why people like flying electric rc helicopter..). And the important thing is it’s easy to start, just connect the battery to the place provided and turn on the switch in the rc helicopter’s body and in your rc transmitter, and the last thing is move the throttle stick to increase the electric motor speed, so your rc helicopter can fly immediately. Overall, electric rc helicopter is suitable for beginners.

At general, what kind of rc helicopter type, there are still need battery, receiver, and radio transmitter. Except the servo and the esc are not included in mini and micro rc helicopter.

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