Beginner Guide RC Helicopters Flying Correlate to FMS

This articles is just my oppinion about beginner rc helicopter and maybe the rc beginner are very welcome to read this. Flying rc helicopters by your own is the most thrilling experiences. This a good reason for everyone to try it, just try to flying rc helicopter. This rc helicopters are controlled remotely, you take the radio transmitter and then you can control the rc helicopter flying using the rc stick. I feel amazing with this all. It's not like flying the real helicopter because the real helicopter doesn't have a radio transmitter to control as it's fly in the air. The amazing things is you can control the flying machine with your own hands.

Many people said that if can buy the real helicopter, just buy the rc model once. This is the alternative to flying the real helicopter in the mini model, there are no damage accident when the helicopters crash down, the helicopter's pilot is still save!, in other side it cost less from crashing.

When you fly the rc helicopter, you are on the ground and holding a radio transmitter(rc) while your rc helicopter flying stunt in the air and you taking full control of it. Now, the rc helicopter are so popular as hobby and this is the real flying passion.

Actually i prefer to fly rc helicopter from FMS. Flight Model Simulator is a computer rc flying simulation software and it's easy to install. In this software there are no doubt not to fly your rc. Whatever your rc model, rc airplane, rc helicopters, rc gliders or your electric rc. There are no cost for crashing, maintenance your rc model or any cost to operate your rc model. Many expert says that this is the fastest way to improve your flying control ability. I suggest that this is the beginners should do because it's easy to fly and less complicated to operate. But the lack thing is if you only depends to this software and not doing your flying or bot take outdoor flying with the real rc helicopters, it could cause a low level of mechanical understanding. This is because if you fly your rc helicopters in FMS, it's pretty simple to start without any mechanical experience to start your rc engine. The worst things is if you want to joing any rc champs, because there are no FMS champs.

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