Some Motive For You To Buy an Electric helicopter

Let’s consider for some things about buy rc helicopter. Maybe it could be easy to do for some people who have more money, but if you are not, just keep it easy. The first thing to consider if you want to buy a rc helicopter is what type of rc helicopter you should buy, the nito rc helicopter or the electric rc helicopter once. Your decission is very important at the beginning to succeed in rc helicopter. If you are beginner in rc helicopter, maybe deciding the type of rc helicopter to buy can take more of your time and i think you shouldn'’t careless to evaluate of things.

Some expert said that it’s good to fly electric rc helicopter for beginner, and i suggest that you follow what the expert said(buy the electric rc helicopter). There are some advantages and maybe reasons for you to buy electric rc helicopter. Here they are:

Motive #1: Cost
Compare the electric rc helicopter that other(such as Nitro rc helicopter),an average of electric rc helicopter is inexpensive(it’s around $200) but the nitro rc helicopter would cost around $300. So, electric rc helicopter is cheap compare with Nitro rc helicopter. Electric rc helicopter has more simple construction also, so it’s more cheap to buy the part is the old once is lack, or maybe you got crash.

Motive #2: Silent
Because it’s used electric motors, so you will hear a silent flight, no explotion because fuel combustion

Motive #3: Easy to fly
Just push the switch in the rc helicopter body and in your rc transmitter, so you can start to fly your electric rc helicopter immediately. It’s simple way, isn’t it? Than worry about fuel and how to start the rc engine and maybe it’s will make a frustating things to do for some people. At the beginning, the easy is is very important thing before you moving to higher step.

Motive #4: Easy to maintain
Electric rc helicopter is easy to maintain. It has more simple construction and less moving parts than the nitro rc helicopter. But maybe you need to careful because there more little parts there.

Motive #5: Battery Rechargeable
Simply, just connect your rc battery to the charger after you drained your battery after flight. Whatever your battery (Lipo,etc), just need to careful about the charge duration and to plug it in a correst way(just see the charging manual provided). After the charging is done, just leave it im a moment and you can fly your electric rc helicopter again.

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