Lithium Polymer - Battery Tips – Rechargaeable battery for safety use

lipo batteryAlmost rc airplanes and rc helicopters are using rechargeable battery called Lithium Polymer. This battery is also known as Lithium Polymer, Li Polymer, LiPoly, LiPolys, Li Poly, Li-Poly,LiPo, Li Po, Li-Po. I think Lithium Polymer battery is more popular as Nicel Cadmium ( NiCad battery) and NiMH ...please correct me if i haven’t correct pronounce. The Lithium Polymer battery, Nicad and NiMH battery is rechargeable, but for some reason may rc airplanes and rc helicopter pilot prefer to use Lithium Polymer battery, i think this is because LiPo battery have more big power and more durable than Nicad NiMH battery

Let say that you will use LiPo battery for your rc airplanes or your rc helicopter. Actually this battery is not just plug into your rc model but LiPo battery can be use to power your rc tranmitter, but as i know that many people is still prefer to use LiPo battery for their rc model but for their rc transmitter, they still prefer to use Nicad NiHM battery.

It’s important for safety in using LiPo battery. Why we should take care about safety using LiPo battery? The answer is simple guys, we are minimize the risk of unwanted effect from improper use of LiPo battery such as personal injury,etc. The first thing you should know about the safety use of your LiPo battery is Store lithium polymer batteries in a LiPoSack. Here are some simple tips how to safety use of your LiPo battery:
1. Always read the manual first
2. It’s important to use right battery charger
3. Don’t capsize while connect your charging leads, the right connect is + to + and – to –
4. Avoid overcharge your batteries
5. “Lithium polymer batteries are flammable enough as it is”, so avoid store your flammable substances near charging batteries, such as charge a lithium polymer battery in rc model.
6. Use balance connectors to to avoid some cells can become overcharged and explode because each cell in the pack hasn’t the same charge.



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