Hacker A50-14S Brushless Outrunner RC Motor

Hacker Brushless Outrunner RC MotorWant to buy outrunner brushless motor? this is Hacker A50-14S Brushless Outrunner RC Motor. You need 4-5 cell 6000mAh LiPoly batteries to make this electric motor work best. Get massive torque with this powerful and efficient 14 pole Outrunner Brushless motor.

This motor features:
* Oversize bearings
* Curved Neo-magnets
* High-efficiency stator design These motors produce the more power at lower current consumption than other popular Outrunner designs!

Technical Specifications for Hacker A50-14S
* Motor Type: Brushless, Outrunner
* Weight: 395g (13.93 oz)
* Power: 1250 Watts
* RPM/Volt (KV): 425
* Continuous Current: 40A
* Burst Current: 55A

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