Blade 400 RC Helicopter - The Introductions Guide to Flying

Blade 400 RC Helicopter Review

blade 400 rc helicopter-blade rc helicopter imageOne of great Blade rc helicopter is Blade 400 rc helicopter is one of great rc helicopters with 325mm blade size. This is E-Flite Blade 400 electric rc helicopter. This is RTF rc helicopter. I like flying Blade 400 rc helicopter. The blade 400 rc helicopter can be fly from beginner to advanced. I think the blade 400 rc helicopter is special, unlike another blade rc helicopter out there, the blade 400 rc helicopter come with a good entry level programmable transmitter The spektrum DX6i (The newest version of DX6), it's a 2,4Ghz transmitter that have some advantages in improving:

Blade 400 RC Helicopter Transmitter Improving

Throttle hold, Better user interface,servo monitor,flight timer,Dual rates/ exponential on aileron, elevator and rudder (DX6 only has this on aileron and elevator).
OK, i still have some informations to you about blade 400 rc helicopter( i collect more informations on internet).

Comparison of a Blade CP Pro to Blade 400 RC Helicopter features:

  • Size: Blade 400 is much bigger
  • Tail rotor system: Blade 400 uses belt drive tail with tail servo, BCPP uses cheaper motor driven tail which is much less reliable and with poorer performance.
  • Main motor: Blade 400 rc helicopter uses brushless motor and ESC, which is much more powerful, and expensive, than the BCPP's brushed main motor and ESC
  • Radio: Blade 400 rc helicopter comes with a far superior 2.4 Ghz computer radio, with an actual general purpose computer transmitter which can be used with any RC heli or plane, whereas the BCPP comes with a cheapy FM radio which is only useful with a BCPP or very similar heli and has very little programmability.
  • Gyro: Blade 400 rc helicopter comes with a heading hold gyro, whereas the BCPP comes with a rate gyro built in to the 3-in-1.
blade 400 rtf rc helicopter
9 in. (230mm)
Canopy width
3.125 in. (79.4mm)
Landing gear
4.75 in. (120.7mm)
Paddle to paddle diameter
12.5 in. (317.5mm)
Main rotor diameter
28.2 in. (718mm)
Tail rotor diameter
5.3 in. (135mm)
25.6 in. (650mm)

More on Blade 400 Heli Features & Specifications

DX6i radio aside, there are many outstanding features that this little 400 boasts:

  • Auto Rotation Capability – Yes
  • Bearing Count – 30, amazing for a RC heli in this price range. I had to recount them several times to believe it since this is not listed anywhere in the specs (even the parts listing in the manual is vague).
  • Bell Mixing – Yes
  • CCPM – Yes 120 degree
  • Collective Pitch – Of Course
  • Main Frame Material – Plastic / Tail boom – Aluminum
  • Rotor Diameter – 718mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter – 135mm
  • Tail Rotor Drive – Belt Driven
  • Weight with battery – 665g
Installed Components:
  • Motor – E-Flite 420Heli brushless 3800Kv
  • Electronic Speed Controller – 25Amp
  • Receiver – Spektrum AR6100e 2.4 GHz DSM2
  • Servos – 4 E-Flite DS75 Digital Micro
  • Gyro – E-Flite G110 Heading Hold – Yaw Rate and Gain Remotely Adjustable.
  • Other Items Included:
  • E-Flite 11.1V 1800 mAh 20C 3cell RC LiPo Battery
  • Good Quality DC Li-Po battery charger/balancer –12VDC input, 3cell balancing, 1.8 amp charge rate. Many “included in kit” chargers are not that good, especially balancing ones. This one is. It has a cooling fan and the balance voltage readings are consistently precise with less than 0.02 of a volt between cells.
    I actually tested this E-Flite charger against my computerized Triton charger and Blinky Balancer The E-flite charger consistently balanced just as well as the blinky. You of course can’t adjust the charge rate or see the charge capacity, but when you are just starting out – it works well.
  • Small Tool Package
  • Extra Gyro Mounting Foam Tape
  • Blade Holder
  • Instructions of course (basically a book for the DX6i Radio) but it is fun reading!

Watch blade 400 rc helicopter video:

I hope you enjoy with the blade 400 rc helicopter informations above. If you have to purchase any blade rc helicopter model especially blade 400 rc helicopter and fly it, may you share your experience by leave your comments below this post, Thank you.

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