gas rc airplanesGas rc airplanes sometimes refer to nitro rc airplanes. The gas rc airplanes use gas engine as the power production. Many people said that gas engine are definitely better than nitro engine if you use giant scale rc airplanes, but if your rc airplanes is smaller than 10 lbs, the nitro engine are the best, so it's all depends on your rc airplanes size.
rc gas engine
Many people like power their rc model using gas engine because your rc will look like real..just see the engine, the gas rc airplanes requires an on-board ignition system(electronic ignitions system). But in other side this will adds to the weight even more, so it's why gasoline engines are not practical with small airplanes.

Some pros if you fly gas rc airplanes is it's mean you use gas engine, so the fuel consumption is much cheaper when flying gas powered RC airplanes and it doesn't make an oily mess on your airplane. The cons is the rc gas engine require more cooling than nitro engines and you need two batteries, one for the receiver and one again for electronic ignitions.

Here are some popular gas rc airplanes on the market:

popular gas rc airplanes 1 images
popular gas rc airplanes 2 images
popular gas rc airplanes 3 images

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