RC Helicopter RTF-Esky Lama V4 (Blue) 4CH Coaxial

esky rc helicopterThis is a kind of small electric rc helicopter. The Lama V4 is a kind of helicopters with new design idea remote-control skill. Its power adopts coaxial counter-rotating blades and dual-motor system. The "4 in 1" mix controller integrates the functions of Gyro, Mixer, ESC and Receiver. The canopy can disassemble and install easily so as ot adjust and mend the helicopter conveniently.It is also pretty and practical. Lama V4 possess of stable and precise flight capability. The installation of two ESKY 8g servo provides a very smart and prompt reaction to the helicopter. So that the helicopter can hang in the air and do various direction flight easily. 7.4 Li-polymer battery extends its flying time. We believe that Lama V4 can be the best choice for beginner and the best entertainment for flying master. It will bring infinite happiness to you and your friends. Let's enjoy the happy flying and beyond your dream. The price is about $89.99

One of our friend(Marc E. Pochet) tell us about this rc helicopter : Much like the other (2) reviews of this product, we have found this Helicopter to be very stable in flight and a lot of fun to fly. Unfortunately for us, we have had a few crashes that have resulted in the need for some replacement parts, which are readily available either from Amazon (for simpler stuff like blades and landing gear) or from other on-line retailers.

We are new to the RC Helicopter realm, so I would like to offer some advice to beginners (like us).

First, take full advantage of the Flight Simulation software that comes with this product. It allows you to connect the 4-ch controller directly to your PC's USB port. Make sure to configure the control setting properly to match the way it will fly your helicopter in reality. Unfortunately, the instructuctions on how to do this were not 100% clear, but we figured it out with some trial and error. If you aren't sure of the controls and don't want to risk a crash, have one adult hold the body of the helicopter firmly (and away from your body) while another gently attempts to control the helicopter. The adult holding the helicopter will be able to report what it is trying to do (Yaw, pitch, roll, altitude). I think the Flight Simulator is much harder to fly, but that is OK, because a real flight will be a piece of cake.

Second, DO NOT Attempt to fly this indoors for the first time. Objects inside your house are much harder than objects outside (floor and furnature vs grass and trees) and you WILL damage various (replaceable) pieces, particularly rotors.

Last, be prepared to order spare parts. We have had only a few successfull flights and are currently grounded until new parts arrive. As mentioned by others, the durability of some of the parts isn't the greatest. Blades are rather fragile. We managed to damage some of the plastic gears on one of the rotors (missing two teeth) which doesn't make it inoperable, but results in a clicking noise during flights. The landing gear is not the sturdyest either. A light metal replacement would be nice, because the thin plastic gear that it comes with will fail with one hard landing.



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