Improve your wing dragon power

Wing dragon is one of recommended electric rc airplanes for beginner. There are two wing dragon type, there are trainer flyer and sporter flyer. For more informations about wing dragon electric rc airplanes you shuld see my previous article in this blog.
As we know that almost wing dragon rc model are using brushed electric motor. This will make your wing dragon fly as it. I have a tips for your wing dragon in order to increase it's flying power. The advantage by increase flying power, you can improve your wing dragon flying ability and it will be more powerful to doing aerobatic.

The Wing Dragon Sportster is the perfect introduction to 4ch flying and perfect for people looking to progress from an entry level radio controlled plane to an intermediate. You have full control of ailerons, rudder, elevator and proportional throttle control, all from the included 4 channel F.M. 2 stick radio with a super long 1500 foot range. Now, this is a simple change, you can simply remore the brushed motor and replace it with brushless outrunner motors and using an appropriate propeller. I think you just go to hobby shop to buy brushless outrunner, but you must using an appropriate propeller, for more guide to choosing the best propeller to use you can go to
With this change, i've got my electric rc wing dragon more powerful now, hope this simple tips will help you.



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