YAK 54 RC Airplanes

YAK 54 Rc Airplanes is one of my favorite rc airplanes. Based on wikipedia The Yakovlev Yak-54 is a 1990s Russian aerobatic and sports competition aircraft designed by the Yakolev Aircraft Corporation. The Yak-54 is great for aerobatic flying, this rc planes have a good agility. In this article you will see some YAK 54 rc planes video.
There are some great youtube video about yak 54 rc airplanes, here they are:

Yak 54 before and after Assembly

Finally my new Yak 54 Big Electric Foamy has arrived. Nothing much to say, this thing is simply beauty. Check out the kit before assembly and the ready to fly plane after assembly.

Art-Tech Yak-54 RTF

The Art-Tech Yak-54 RTF Rc Airplanes , ready to fly including a 2.4GHz radio system, geared brushless inrunner motor, and a 3 cell LiPo battery.

Yak 54 Maiden Flight

Finally Yak 54 Big Foamy Electric Planes just rose up in the skies beautifully, flew well, did its maiden little aerobatics rolls and loops and landed well despite of its being tail heavy. 2nd Flight is coming up soon. Plus many more flights you will see on my channel.

Yak 54 2nd Flight after adjusting CG

Here is the 2nd Flight of Yak 54, big electric Foamy RC Plane. We tapped one Hex wrench lol onto nose to add some weight to the nose and balance the CG. It went very well. More videos from Dalang airport will be posted soon. This Sunday we plan to bring the colorful big baby out to public and see how many we can sell there hehehehe.

Thisnk to but rc airplanes?, you can get YAK 54 ARF or YAK 54 RTF.

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