SPEKTRUM DX5E RADIO IMAGESRC Radio - Know more about SPEKTRUM DX5E RADIO and where to get it. What best of SPEKTRUM DX5E RADIO is? Where to fing spektrum dx5e manual? Know more about this DX5e 5CH Full-Range DSM2 Spektrum RC Radio System.

  • Modulation:DSM 2
  • Band:2.4GHz
  • Servos:N/A
  • Receiver:AR500 5CH Sport Receiver
  • Programming Features:Servo Reverse; Delta Wing; HI/LO rates
  • Model Memory:1
  • Modes:Mode 1 and Mode 2 available
  • Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:AA Heavy-duty (not included), Alkaline (included) or Rechargeable (not included)
The spektrum DX5e is full-range system with the latest DSM2 technology. This is 2.4GHz 5CH radio. this radio is not a computer radio full of programmable mixes or model memory. Use standard 4 AA batteries to power it. I think this radio is great for beginner with low budget.

Watch video about Spektrum DX5e below: Preview- Spektrum DX5e

Spektrum has just introduced a new very easy to use and very affordable full-range 2.4GHz radio. The DX5e brings sport RC modelers the unbeatable control of DSM2 technology in a radio with the simplest, easiest-to-use system available. RC pilots from park flier, trainer up to more advanced models now have a system specifically designed for their needs. Probably the most amazing thing is the $99.95 price tag for the transmitter and receiver combination. This truly makes it a radio for anyone wanting to get started flying RC models and have the latest technology in their hands from the very beginning. The new AR500 receiver included with the DX5e system is small enough for any park flier while providing the versatility to fly all kinds of sport models needing up to 5 channels while also providing for dual aileron servo installations.

Erin Jesswein from Spektrum Radios and product developer of the DX5e has been kind enough to join us for a preview of the features that the DX5e offers. Please follow along our video with Erin and see just what the DX5e is all about.

How to bind DX5e

Download great stuff:

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