Some Helicopter Model Hobby

rc helicopter hobby imagesRC helicopter hobby - A component defines the RC helicopter is the source of its power. There are two main types of rc helicopter power. A small batteries used in small rc helicopter toy. It uses lithium polymer (LiPo battery) to power the motor(electric motor, such as brushless motor). The second type is the nitro powered helicopter ( nitro rc helicopter). The nitro rc helicopter use the mix of nitromethane and oil and both is burned in a combustion engine to produce the power.

RC Helicopter

About electric model, we know micro rc helicopter. This is a small RC helicopter size. Micro helis usually use 2-4 channel transmitter. Each transmitter has its own micro helicopter and many rc helicopter models can fly, such as three rc helicopter flying in the same room without interference. Micro rc helicopter almost universal use of the Li-Po battery.

There are some rc helicopter model enthusiast that fly scale model helicopter too. The scale rc helicopters is much larger and of course heavier than the micro rc helicopter. They use the same technology with full-size rc helicopters, including gyro, ailerons, elevators and swashplate. This makes the need for strong Li-Po or nitromethane fuel. This is more advance helicopter model and you need more skills to fly the scale helicopter.

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