Double Horse 9083 RC Helicopter Review

D0UBLE HORSE 9083 RC HELICOPTER IMAGESThe Double horse rc series - DOUBLE HORSE 9083 RC HELICOPTER. This is a review of Double Horse 9083 RC Helicopter. This rc helicopter is fully assembled with completed all pre-flight adjustments. Beginner rc helicopter can fly this rc model too, because this is simple to control with only 2 channel.

DOUBLE HORSE 9083 RC HELICOPTER BOX IMAGESDouble Horse 9083 RC Helicopter Specs
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 495mm.
  • Tail Rotor: 152mm.
  • Length: 695mm.
  • Width: 100mm.
  • Height: 190mm.
  • Battery: 7.2V 650mAh Ni-MH

Review Of Syma 9083 Double Horse Helicopter

I think the use of Ni-MH battery will give you not as powerful as Lipo battery. I think thats is what make this rc helicopter can't fly more long in time than use lipo battery.

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