How To Find Some interesting RC Video

If you ever see your whole flying, i think it's imposible. You need some tool that can catch and record it. You actually only need a video cam, or we always call it a Handy can record your flying from take off till landing, the whole fact or impact in you flying will be record.

We can say that if you used a handy cam to record of your flying it's a kind of good way to analyze your flying before, by using a handy cam you can find maybe some thing wrong in your flying, then you will see and think again about it, so it will make your flying more better in the next time.
I have some suggestion to you, if you haven't a handy cam to analye your flying, just looking for a video in the internet, then you analyze that video, of course the video is very good you must get, in order to get some thing to be analyze. If you find some rc airplanes or rc helicopter in the internet, you will see how another aeromodeller flying their rc airplanes, you will get more experience by see that flying!
The next step is how and where you can get the video?..i suggest that you try to search in google or yahoo with some keyword is related with "rc video", i have find a great website to download it, you can go to Youtube, or metacafe, or maybe go to google video. Another way is just klik this link, cause i have just find this link by search in the internet, this come from AOL video, just klik it and just feel free to select your favorite rc video there, Have Fun!!

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