Mini RC Helicopter Camera With ISLT

Mini rc helicopter camera with ISLT is of new technology from Draganflyer. ISLT is Infrared Self Leveling Technology. Mini rc helicopter with Infrared Self Leveling Technology can cuts aerial video cost. The SAVS(Stabilized Aerial Video System) from Draganflyer offer an effective way to film video. Draganflyer Stabilized Aerial Video System is a mini rc helicopter with a wireless color video camera. To provide great durability, the Draganflyer’s build from carbon-fiber and nylon construction. It’s easy to setup and you will get the FMS and complete footage of assembly and trainind DVD.

To produce a high quality video, The Draganflyer’s equipped with self leveling feature and anti-vibration camera system. The Draganflyer SAVS helicopter’s anti-vibration video camera mounted are possible to make a high quality video , it will isolates the camera from any vibration present in the rest of the helicopter. The onboard wireless 2.4GHz CCD camera transmits live video to a ground base station, and uses advanced circuitry featuring several filters and independent regulated power supplies to preserve the clarity of the video signal. The base station features a Diversity video receiver which dynamically chooses the best signal in real time.

About The self leveling feature, referred to as Thermal Intelligence (Ti), works by using four infrared sensors which rely on the temperature difference between the sky and ground. The sensors will give input so that the on-board CPU automatically returns the helicopter to level when the control stick is released. It will stay level until the pilot inputs a pitch or roll command. This makes the mini rc helicopter easy to fly, and makes professional quality aerial video available to everyone at a low cost.



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