Apache RC Helicopter AH-64

apache ah64 rc helicopter imageThis is Apache RC Helicopter AH-64. Apache rc helicopter AH-64 is one of great rc helicopter of the year. In calm weather, this rc helicopter Capable Of Flying Indoor As Well As Outdoor. The apache rc helicopter AH-64 has 450 mm in Overall length and approx 195mm in overall height. I think you will like to fly the apache rc helicopter Ah-64 because apache rc helicopter model is 4ch with some new improvements such on/off switch in the rc helicopter body, look cabin and transmitter, Mixer/Gyro Control, More Stable Flight. 4 CH rc helicopter means the apache rc helicpter AH-64 has 4 channel such as moving Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, AND THROTTLE)

APACHE AH-64 remote controller model helicopter is made by simulating and downsizing the Apache AH-64 LONGBOW helicopter. It can simulate basic acts of Apache such as hanging, advancing, retracting, yawing, etc. It applies design of co-axial double-propeller and inverted rotating. The upper propeller produces lift and at the same time balances the airframe. And the lower propeller produces speed differential and changes angel of propeller while producing lift so as to realize the swerving of the helicopter. Design of co-axial inverted rotating of two propellers eliminates produced torsion and makes flying more stable and swift.
This helicopter applies high quality PA and PP materials with good stiffness that enhances its anti-break capability, and adopts emulating airframe design to furnish it with excellent external appearance.

You will find some of these stuf in In The Package : Helicopter (100% Assembled),
,4 Channel Multifunctional FM R/C Transmitter,100 ~ 240V Wall Battery Charger - 3Pin UK, High Quality 7.4V 1000mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery, 4 x Extra Main Blades
Quality Hobby Screw-Driver, Comprehensive Instruction Manual with amazing and valuable flying lessons (English).

Here are some next good thing about 4CH apache rc helicopter :
*The main rotor blades use top quality plastic materials.
*Digital Proportional Motor Speed Control
*Separate servos from mixer, more precision movement
*Trimming of servos can be done both on the rc helicopter or on transmitter
*The Sliding swash plate can help you operate the R/C Helicopter Freely
*Approximately 15 minutes flight time on each charge - Li- poly battery will help to achieve *better performance and longer flight time
*Best choice for Beginner rc helicopter - Advanced hobbyist
*Can be hovered with so much ease, you can do it with only one hand.
Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter to start flying)

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