How To Build RC Jet Bomber

This is rc jet video, the video title is "How To Build RC Jet Bomber". This rc jet video uploaded in youtube at January 22,2010. When i upload this rc jet video in this blog, this rc jet video has about 396 view in youtube. I think this "How To Build RC Jet Bomber" video is popular enough in youtube.

RC Jet Bomber

Actually this is part 2 form about 7 rc jet videos. You can find this rc jet video title "how to build a rc jet b-1 bomber #115 pt 2". This rc jet bomber video has some good comments, such as :
  • man we haven't had a flurry of vids like this ever! this is awesome!
  • Come on you B1 fans seeing it fly live feed in real time it will be fun I can ask please
  • i think you meant " #115 pt 2" not " #114 pt 2"... love the videos, keep 'em coming!!!

How To Build RC Jet Bomber Video



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