Trex 500 RC Helicopter Main Frames

trex 500 rc helicopter main frames imageThis article is about Trex 500 RC Helicopter Main Frames. The main frames of rc helicopter is just like the body of the rc helicopter it self. You will put many rc helicopter parts in this thing, such as the rc helicpter engine, battery,receiver,and rc helicopter servos. So carefully understand your rc helicopter main frames is important, especially for trex 500 rc helicopter.

Trex 500 rc helicopter main frames

The first thing to do is to screw the bottom tray to the two carbon side frames. Take note that there are various different length screws in the hardware bag for this build step. Be careful to select the correct screws for mounting the bottom tray.

Once the bottom tray is secure we can install the gyro mount. Again this is secured by self tapping screws, in this instance the shortest ones in the hardware bag.

With the gyro mount in place the motor mount should be secured into the side frames. The motor mount comes with the screws already in it and they need to be removed have Loctite applied and then replaced to screw the motor mount into the side frames.

Having installed the motor mount the bearing blocks can now be installed. Take care to use the metal screws for this and not the self tapping screws. Again Loctite should be used to secure the bearing blocks in place. It can be a good idea at this point to insert the main shaft into the bearing blocks before you tighten them up. This helps to align the bearing blocks before they are secured in place.

After installing the bearing blocks the upper battery tray and the anti-rotation slider can be screwed into the frames. The anti-rotation slider has some very long set screw style mounting screws. These are screwed in halfway and then the set screw thread that is left sticking out is used to screw the canopy mounting posts onto.

Assembled the Trex 500 rc helicopter main frames to the undercarriage

trex 500 rc helicopter undercarriage image
You can simply bolted the undercarriage to the main frames using the supplied bolts and nuts. You can installed the rubber anti-vibration tubes onto the skids, this makes it impossible for them to come off and get lost.

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