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About Mini RC HELICOPTER Camera

mini rc helicopter camera imageBuy rc helicopter camera best quality. The mini rc helicopter camera is one of latest mini rc helicopter technology. RC helicopter camera is smallest one in size, even you can hide the camera anywhere undetected!. I think this is one of best spy gadget in the world (spy camera). The mini rc helicopter camera known as helicam also. This is a kind of micro video camcorder. The rc helicopter camera can be mounted on the rc helicopter, so you can make a video such as for aerial video or you can use it as spy camcorder too.

Actually the micro video camcorder can be used not only for your rc airplanes and rc helicopter but you can installed it in your another rc model such as rc cars. Sometime you will get a free 2GB memory(support up to 4GB) card that can record up to one and half hour. The mini rc helicopter camera has a high quality video(648x480pixels) and only 18 grams in weights. Ideal for both covert camera & hidden camera, small enough to be taken almost anywhere!

Wherever you place your mini camera, you’ll know for sure that you won’t miss anything. Ideal First Person View (FPV) system for radio controlled airplanes, cars and helicopters!

Mini RC Helicopter Camera Recorder

The mini interview recorder includes:
* Mini Interview Recorder
* USB cable
* User manual
* 2GB Micro SD Memory Card - Can store up to 1 Hour and 20 Minutes of Video!

Some Mini RC Helicopter Camera Feature

Here are some best mini rc helicopter camera feature you can get :
* Dimension:73mm*20mm*11mm
* Weight:18g
* Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses
* It’s great for use as a hidden camera etc.
* Real time recording in AVI video format.
* Color video with voice lets you clearly see who’s there &hear what they say.
* Place it up high or conceal it down low. With built-in rechargeable battery so there’s no long cord for you to hide.
* Use micro SD card from 128MB to 4GB - Included FREE 2GB Memory Card
* Playback video on cell phone or PC

Waht To Buy Mini RC Helicopter Camera?

I think it's time to buy a mini rc helicopter camera. You can purchase a mini rc helicopter camera in your hobby shop. The price is about $58, but make sure it's already in stock!.

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