Blade CP+ Electric Micro RC Helicopter

Blade CP+ Micro RC Helicopter ImagesThis is Blade CP+ from E-FLite, The Blade CP+ electric micro rc helicopter RTF. This rc helicopter is suitable for rc heli pilot that mastered basic flying lesson, so this rc helicopter is not recommended for beginner, especially never fly coaxial rc helicopter before. Although this is micro rc helicopter model, this rc helicopter is capable for advanced rc heli flying.

Blade CP+ Electric Micro RC Helicopter
If you need better performance than usual coaxial rc helicopter model, you should try the blade cp+ rc helicpter. The Blade cp model has a n impressive feature such as collective pitch and CCPM, but you can find all that great feature in this blade cp+ rc heli.

here are some more great feature of this rc helicopter:
  • Training gear, you can use this as optional use
  • Lipo battery 3S 11.1V 800mAh will offer you better power and duration than usual Ni-Mh battery
  • Advanced 3 in 1 control unit are PNP (Plug And Play) compatible with brushless power systems
  • Heading lock gyros, so you can further enhance the capabilities of your Blade CP+ when you're ready to takeperformance to the next level
Just out of the box and then install some of the parts just like the manual and then you are ready to fly this Blade CP+ Electric Micro RC Helicopter.

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