Honey Bee King 2 Electric RC Helicopter

Honey Bee King 2 Electric RC Helicopter ImagesThis is honey bee king 2 from esky. The honey bee king 2 is 6 ch rc helicopter model. This rc helicopter can perform 3D rc helicopter flying because its equipped with CCPM mixing control system and collective pitch structure. If you are 3D rc helicopter flyer, this rc heli model is capable to fulfil your flying passion. This rc helicopter come in RTF models ( Ready To Fly).

Just like another 6 ch rc helicopter model, you can doing complete movement such as up-down,left-right, forward-backward and pitch control. The Honey Bee King 2 Electric RC Helicopter use a new 6 ch transmitter with PIT and PLT mode lock switch, and to give you more lift with adjustable knob improved blades. The new improvement with light weight for the main blade is used. This electric rc helicopter use 370 super carbon brush motor with LiPo battery to power it. This is a great rc helicopter who want to move up to intermediate flying from 4 ch rc helicopter.

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