Do you have a PIPER J-3 CUB ELECTRIC RC AIRPLANES? want to try new passion with BRUSHLESS MOTOR UPGRADE? . This is a simple tips about PIPER J-3 CUB BRUSHLESS MOTOR UPGRADE. I think if you known before about brushless motor, this is very interesting to do on electric rc airplanes. As we know that brushless motor can give more power when the rc airplanes fly.

Lets watch the tips about PIPER J-3 CUB BRUSHLESS MOTOR UPGRADE below:
SDM Piper Cub J3 W/ Brushless Motor Upgrade

This is a cheap piper cub purchased online ready to fly for $70. It originally came with a 380 brushed motor and a strange controller that was neither mode 1 or 2.

I upgraded it to a brushless motor and to my futaba 2.4 GHz Fasst radio system.

The piper cub is great looking, but it is lacking in many areas. I would not suggest buying this plane for the first time flyer as the controller is not the conventional mode 2 type that is the most popular type among U.S. flyers.

Save your money and buy the hobbico flyzone piper j3 cub for $150 that comes ready to fly with aileron control.

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