BLADE HELICOPTER IMAGESThis is about blade helicopter - the blade 400 rc helicopter video. You will watch how the video maker flying his blade 400 rc helicopter. There are an additional part that mounted on the rc helicopter landing skid. Here are some of what the video maker said.. This is my servos, motor, electronics and computer radio "burning in" and "trimming phase".

Blade 400 Helicopter-Part II, Test Ride

This is the Pitch Curve and Trimming flights of the Blade 400. This is my Electronic and Mechanical "break in" period.
It allows me to test and trim my equipment before really getting aggressive. It also allows me to find out the characteristics of this heli's flight. It is all part of the learning curve when flying a new helicopter. So now that I have it trimmed, I will present a more aggressive flight when my fingers don't get so cold next time. Stay tuned and thanks for watching.

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