Blade 400 3D RC Helicopter First Flight

Hi Blade 400 3D rc helicopter flyer? Lets watch a great video about blade 400 3D rc helicopter first flight. This is great youtube rc helicopter video. I think if you are beginner rc helicopter, its great time for you to know how blade 400 3D while it flying.

Eric's Blade 400 3D First Flights

I just got my new blade 400 today and could not wait to get the battery charged for the first flight.

It was very windy today, but it is my new toy so I had to try it out. You can see the wind gusting the trees in the background while I practice hovering it.

The blade 400 is an awesome helicopter. I should have bought one of these a long time ago. There is a big difference in it's handling versus the blade cp pro. Much more control and the wind did not push it around as much as it would the smaller blade helis.

I need some more stick time before I try any 3D flight, but I am sure it will be much easier to learn with this new heli.

The blade 400 3D looks great flying. What do you think about the blade 400 3d rc helicopter flight above?

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