Brushless Upgrade For Honeybee CP2

Honeybee CP2 Brushless upgradeThis is a Honeybee CP2 Brushless upgrade tips. Maybe you your old brushless motor are not work anymore, and then you think that ir is not lasted longer than expected. You can follow this simple tips.

Well my original brushed motor finally died, although lasted longer than I expected.

It worked out at 1 burnt out main motor and I am also on my second tail motor as I write.

I fitted the kit I bought a while back:-
I fitted the kit with a 9 pinion gear that I bought , and it works well, I did wonder where the single rear tail motor would hold with the upgraded motor, but it works fine

It does add a fair bit of weight and I had to move the battery tray back to balance the heli.

The flight time is not as long as the orginal brushed motor, and the esky lipos do get quite warm by the end of a run, and also the heli is a bit louder with a brushless motor.

I carried out the receiver mod, so I hard wired the speed sontroller battery wires directly into the rx where the wires from the lipo already go, its a very tight fit in there and be careful you dont short wires! Very easy to do.

You need to plug the esc rx wire into channel 3 , but there are no pins there, you can either hardwire it onto the pins or , what I did was to solder some pins onto where channel 3 should have been and used the plug from esc without cutting it up.

How does it all perform now? Well seems to work well , when and I say when the heli behaves itself, the sticky collective and poor tracking is still making it the hardest heli I have to fly!

I have just now done the swap blade grips mod and will write again when I see if that makes any difference.

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