Servo comparison Of Futaba - TeamOrion

rc servoThis is servo comparison of Futaba servo vs TeamOrion servo. The rc servo is very important for our rc model. If you use a great servo, do you think you will get the best response from your rc model? You can watch the video of both servo above in this article. Read the full result of this test

I am ready to go test flight my new JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, but it will not stop snowing, what to do when you can’t get out and fligh, test your gear.

I have some new servos, i have no idear about the new servos Team Orion VDS 1007, but they seem like they can handle some presure.

The specs for the Team Orion VDS 1007

# Transit Time: 0.07sec
# Torque: 10Kg (138.9oz/in)
# Weight: 52.4g
# Current Draw: 0.15A idle 2.6A under load
# Dimensions: 40.3mm x 20mm x 37mm
# Metal gear

Comparaison of Futaba S9252 vs Team Orion VDS 1007, check the video, they seem like they are fast. The test flight will show.

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