A Big RC F3 Engine In PON

I'm was so surprize, that my friend told me that there was a big rc engine used in F3 class in PON 2008. PON stand for "Pekan Olahraga Nasional" held in Indonesia. In Aeromodelling, PON was held in Tarakan, Borneo.There are many kind types of airplanes and helicopter types.

PON is an annually even for sport in Indonesia, and often held in 4th years.
Some Day, I met with my friend, that just comming back from PON, In the first time i saw he, he look more drak, cause before he went to PON i'm still remember that he have a clear skin. Oh..I'm so surprize with him, after he come back.
Then i take a long talk with him, about, what abot her days in PON? How about the competitor? What is the most model used? ..etc. I'm very interest in F3 class(rc airplanes,rc helicopters,rc gliders), that is radio control class. He said that in PON there are actually very wonderful ability of model controlling there, he think that they are maybe so great in controlling F3, and maybe he is right that who come to joining in PON, they must be a good aeromodeller, they are an expert. Then he said again, that most of the participant used a big engine fot their rc model aircraft, there are 100 engine was's a kind of big engine!!!

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