Old And Modern Flight Model Simulator

Did you remember when you flying in rc flight model simulator? I think that was a great moment to remember. RC flight simulators for home computers first became available in the 1980s, but were very limited in their realism simply because of now-dated computer graphic and performance limitations.
Maybe your fixed wing rc model look like this And your rc helicopter look like not diferent than fixed wing model, cause this is some sample
Throughout the '90s however, rc simulators evolved into a very realistic rc flight training aid, second only to side-by-side club instructor training (still the #1 method of learning to fly radio control).
Over the flight simulator software are designed to make us can fly in virtual world, and keep the real. In order to make our flying more close to the real world, almost flight simutaor software included a rc transmitter, that capable to used with the simulator. But there are one big different thing, that rc transmitter in FMS are not used a antene, to transmit the radio pulse
The picture above are a kind of transmitter used in the real world(not in FMS), we can see a part and long in the top of the transmitter, but in FMS that part are substitude by a wire to connect to your computer.

One of great rc simulator : G4.5 RC Simulator.



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