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About RC Helicopter Simulator?

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Let's fly with RC Helicopter simulator - radio control helicopter simulator. If you are beginner rc helicopter - rc helicopter simulator can reduce your rc helicopters flying risky. You can get rc helicopter simulators over the internet and how to install rc helicopter simulator pc . You can download rc helicopter simulator free or purchase it, or you want to see how to fly rc helicopter video below?

Fly with RC Helicopter Simulator

Fly many rc model with RC Simulator - RC helicopter simulator and some other called it rc helicopter flight simulator. RC Helicopters simulator can be set for many flight parameters. This is why we can simulate the simulation condition by our own. You can practice flying your rc helicopter anytime. This makes learning easy for beginner moreover if you are beginner rc helicopter and learn fly with rc helicopter simulators.

RC Helicopter Simulator Download

You can found my previous article in how to get rc simulator free download or look some of rc helicopter simulator list below:
Just like the video say that "always re-center the sticks after you do something!" is the first thing you should remember. The rc helicopter simulator is just like another rc simulator, it's actualy can be found in the rc simulator pack. So if you buy flight model simulator (FMS) you will get many rc model such as rc airplanes and rc helicopter.

RC Helicopter Simulator Review List

Actually there are a lot of rc simulator out there. Here are some rc simulator list:
  • PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator Helicopter Editions
  • RC Heli Master
  • Realflight G4 RC Flight Simulator, G4.5 RC Simulator and the latest G5 Realflight RC Simulator. The latest G5 Realflight rc simulator has some great feature such as RealFlight G5: Now with Online Combat!, Targeting System, Easier editing with more options!, Fly with other RealFlight pilots using Multiplayer,Match skills in fun-filled combat scenarios!, more about G5 Realflight RC Simulator.
  • ClearView RC Flight Simulator. Some of RC helicopter model are included such as TRex 450, Blade CX, CP-CP Pro, Hone Bee, Raptor 60-90 and many others in the ClearView RC Simulator, because this rc simulator specializes in "real life" simulation of gas RC helicopters and electric rc.

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  • RealFlight G3.5 R/C Flight Simulator
  • Aerofly Pro Deluxe Flight Simulator
  • RC Flight Master eXtreme64
  • PRE-Flight Standard Edition RC Flight Simulator(download preflight rc simulator demo)
  • Reflex XTR RC Flight Simulator
  • FS One
  • Phoenix RC Flight Simulator. The Phoenix RC Simulator are fully supported windows7,over 115 models now. You can try the Phoenix rc simulator download.phoenix rc simulator
  • easyFly 3
  • Radio Control Flight Simulator 2001

Rc Helicopter Simulator Video

  • ClearView RC Flight Simulator Demo

  • Phoenix RC Simulator Review

  • Realflight RC Helicopter Simulator

  • Helicopter Simulator

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I have recently purchased the Twisted Coastguard Helicopter with the Planet T5 transmitter. Can you tell me which simulator would be best for this model. The recomened free download does not seem to support the transmitter nor does it look very good certainly nothing like the Reflex XTR RC Flight Simulator. Can you suggest one that works well with this model?

May 10, 2010 at 11:57 PM  

Hi Joe, actually i've never flown with Twisted Coastguard Helicopter even in simulator, but i try to help you. I found a great site about the heli: jperkinsdistribution. In the site i found "FREE - Flight Sim USB cable for use with included Tx and FREE FMS Sim"..i think you can get the fms there. Hope will help

May 11, 2010 at 10:58 AM  

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