EXCEED RC Helicopter G2

EXCEED RC Helicopter G2 imagesThe EXCEED RC Helicopter G2 is great rc helicopter too - the 6 CH RC Helicopter. This rc helicopter is great for advanced rc helicopter flyer. So if you are beginner rc helicopter, i suggest you to try another rc helicopter model for your training such as colco apache rc helicopter or dragonfly 5G6-2 rc helicopter.

Advance rc helicopter flyer often perform amazing rc helicopter maneuvers and its often called 3D flying. I think this rc helicopter is great fo them because this rc helicopter is fairly durable too and moreover the parts availability is good too.

The EXCEED RC Helicopter G2 is equipped with 380SD carbon brush motor and powered by LiPo battery. ABout the price of this rc helicopter, this is a kind of inexpensive rc heli model because the price os approx $189.00. I think if you want to get the next rc helicopter flying experience, try the EXCEED RC Helicopter G2.

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