Setup an RC Helicopter Tips

Setup an RC Helicopter need your patient. You need to setup your rc helicopter as well. How to setup an rc helicopter is one of important question to answer. After searching over the internet about how to setup an rc helicopter, i have found some simple tips in how to setup an rc helicopter and write it down into this how to setup an rc helicopter tips, so if you are rc helicopter beginner, keep read. I hope this rc helicopter setup tips will work for you.

Many people try find the right rc helicopter setup, i think almost nothing is perfect at all but at least we make it as we can. Some of the setup an rc helicopter failure impact is the tail could spin out of control and can’t steady hover as it get off the ground. Once you see one of the rc helicopter setup failure, i think you almost impossible to doing the next flying level. As you wil see the importance of a good rc helicopter setup.
Once you have to purchase an rc helicopter model from hobby shop, open the box and Take the rc helicopter part list and check it first. Now assemble your rc helicopter just like in your rc helicopter assemble manual. I think it just follow some simple steps to do but if find some problems, just call your hobby shop customer service and even you can ask to assemble your rc helicopter. In this step you should see your rc helicopter are ready to fly.

Tips #1 First Setting up an RC Helicopter
  • Turn on your rc radio first and make sure the signal is OK
  • Turn on your your rc helicopter switch ( this will make your rc helicopter radio receiver ready to receive your rc helicopter radio signal
  • Move your rc radio stick and you should see all servos are moving in the right direction. You can check the right movement of swash plate tilt and even the throttle

Tips #2 Centering your rc helicopter sevos
  • Move your rc helicopter throttle stick to half way this get all your servos to the half way position.

  • Now we want to find the servo horn that will line up 90 degrees with center keep moving till you find one that is close or dead on make sure to put in the screw when you find the one that works.

  • Level the swash plate by buy a tool for your size rc helicopter or you can eyeball it. To get the swash plate level adjusts the arms that run from the servos to the swash plate.

Tips #3 make sure your rc helicopter washout block is level.
  • The washout block is between the swashplate and the fly bar cage of your rc helicopter.

  • Make sure that both arms are level with each other if not adjust the arm that comes from the fly bar cage until level.

  • Make sure your rc helicopter fly bar arms are parallel with each other if not adjust the rod that attaches to the swash plate.

Tips #4 Set the pitch on the main blades of your rc helicopter
  • When at your rc helicopter center stick throttle make sure the main blades are at zero pitch.

  • Full stick should be between +10 degrees to +12 degrees depending on rc helicopter flying style.
  • Bottom stick should be -10 degrees to -12 degrees.

Have you try how to setup an rc helicopter tips above?
It’s time to flying your rc helicopter, with everything level and good working, your rc helicopter should have a good chance to stable flying. Maybe you can continue with some advanced rc helicopter setups, such as setup your rc helicopter pitch curves Throttle curve and rc helicopter radio setup. Happy setup your rc helicopter!



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