Brushless Motor

Brushless motor is one of the great power source for our rc electric airplanes. The brushless electric motors can also handle a lot higher voltage, so it can produce enough power to fly our rc model.

Small contact brushes inside the motor cause the motor to spin. There are two version, there are= Electric motors with fixed brushes are nonadjustable and can't be modified or tuned.
Nonfixed brushed motors have replaceable brushes and the motor can be modified and tuned to a certain degree as well as being cleaned of dust and debris that accumulates during frequent use.

From now, the brushless electric motors are still slightly high-priced than brushed electric motors. Brushless motors, as the name implies, do not have contact brushes, don't require frequent cleaning, and because there are no brushes there is less friction and less heat (the number one killer in motor performance.) Cause the brushless electric motors can handle a lot higher voltage, so it can make our rc electric airplanes can fly maybe as well as the glow motors

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