Flying T-REX 450 RC Helicopter

trex rc helicopterI watch my friends flying his T-Rex 450 rc helicopter last Sunday. I was very happy when heard that my friends will come to my flying field. Actually i don't know that he will fly his electric rc helicopter in my flying field because as i know that he will come to watch our FF practice.It was in the afternon, where the sky so bright and clear. It was no hard wind blow, so it was very good time to fly electric rc helicopter.

But i'm sorry that not provide a picture in this articles, because i didn't take any picture(but the picture above is great too..yeah) and i think that you have ever see T-rex 450 electric rc helicopter. Almost T-rex electric rc helicopter are equipped with Lithium Polymer battery with 3700Kv inrunner brushless electric motor and 35A ESC. T-rex 450 is powered with about 2,2 Ampere battery. It's battery is very strong enough up to 30 minutes flying duration, but my friend suggest that it should take a rest about 15 minutes onces, so you should fly your T-rex 450 twice in 30 minutes. Do you know that Trex-450 electric rc helicopter can doing almost basic to advanced flying such as hover,inverted,etc.

When i was see of my friends flying his electric rc helicopter, it was amazing flying. The power is good to fly advanced flying. I can't move my eyes when i see he fly advanced rc helicopter flying. He can fly advanced flying without crashing his T-rex.

Unfortunately, he fly his electric rc helicopter only for 15 minutes, it's mean that actually he can fly his electric rc helicopters for once again, because as he say above that it need a rest per 15 miunutes because for full charged battery his T-rex can fly for about 30 minutes..but i think this is OK. At the end of his flying, he pack again his electric rc helicopter to the boxes provided(travel box - to carry his T-rex). He give some advice to the beginner rc helicopter flyer that it's very important to choose the right rc helicopter model for your first flight, he suggest to use T-rex 450 electric rc helicopter, because it's easy to fly and not to big to travel. He said that he prefer to buy the Nitro Heli than buy the Trex 500 once, because the T-rex 500 is more big and more expensive (when it's lack) in the battery.

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